GBGG Volunteer Sheet-Volunteer Coordinator-Roy Cipple Jr. 512-751-1073; gaybivolunteer@gmail.com

GayBiGayGay works so well because of beautiful people like YOU who volunteer to keep it a free event. Below are the needed volunteers for this year’s festival. Volunteers will receive a free T-shirt and 2 free beers.

Volunteering is easy!

  1. Choose the TEAM & SHIFT you want to volunteer.
  2. Contact (via email /cell) the coordinator of the team with your shift choice.
  3. The team coordinator will reply to schedule you.


Merchandise Volunteer:

Volunteer works 2 hour shift, manages T-shirt sales, keeps area looking decent, makes sure the $ stays safe until collected. ** Afternoon to night shifts most important.

 1pm-3pm: SHIFT FULL      3pm-5pm: SHIFT FULL              5pm-7pm: SHIFT FULL        

7pm-9pm:  SHIFT FULL      9pm-11pm: SHIFT FULL


Parking Volunteers:

Volunteer greets the gays, collects $5/car fee, directs them into pre-arranged parking spots, maintains the order of the parking lot, collects $5/person entry to Sahara DJ Party, handles the $ keeping it safe during and at the end of the shift. **First three shifts most important.

12pm-2pm: 3 Filled, 1 volunteer needed                        2pm-4pm: SHIFT FULL            

4pm-6pm: 2 volunteers needed

6pm-8pm: 3 volunteers needed              8pm-10pm: 1 volunteers needed


Grounds Volunteer:

Volunteer makes rounds of the festival grounds during the event, bagging trash before it overflows and putting new bags in the cans. keeps the water jugs full, maintains port a potty lines (a line in front of every POP). This is a great job for those that want to enjoy the music while they work. **ALL shifts VERY important!!!

12pm-2pm: SHIFT FULL                       2pm-4pm: SHIFT FULL               

4pm-6pm: SHIFT FULL                         6pm-8pm: SHIFT FULL               

8pm-10pm: SHIFT FULL             10pm-12am: 2 filled, 2 volunteers needed


Pristine Volunteers:

Volunteer returns to the site at 12pm the day after the festival to bring It back to its original pristine condition so we will be allowed to use it again next year. 1 Filled – 14 volunteers needed. **VERY IMPORTANT!!!


Security Volunteer:

If you are a self-identified “femme” and you wanna work security crew, email the infamous Mary Doyle at dirtywerq@gmail.com  .



Merchandise Coordinator: All day- Andrea Palmer : gaybigaygaymerch@gmail.com Helps recruit merch volunteers and set schedule, sets up merch tent, fills in if volunteer doesn’t show up, breaks down merch tent.

Parking Coordinator-All day- Kelly Dawson :  kcmd777@gmail.com Helps recruit parking volunteers and set schedule, helps set up parking area, makes sure volunteers show up for shifts, fills in as needed, helps break down parking area.

Grounds Coordinator-All day- Jason Avery: jason.avery@gmail.com Help recruit grounds volunteers, help set up trash cans and water buckets, makes sure volunteers show up for shifts, fills in as needed, helps collect and organize trash cans and water buckets at end of festival.

Pristine Crew Coordinator: NEEDEDgaybivolunteer@gmail.com Help recruit volunteers, leads crew in cleaning grounds and tearing down stage.



an annual queer family reunion and music fest