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2011 lineup

2011 lineup rogge ranch location

1:30-1:50   Mal Blum
2:00=2:20  Zoe Boekbinder
2:30-2:50   Poor Richard
2:55-3:20   Disco Plague
4:00-4:20  Carletta Sue Kay
4:30-4:55  My Gay Banjo
5:05-5:25  Gender Mountain
5:35-5:55  Melissa Etheridge 🙂
6:10-6:35  Butch County
6:45-7:10  Tunahelpers
7:20-7:45  Xylos
7:55-8:25  The Redwood Plan
8:35-9:00  CHRISTEENE
9:10-9:40  Big Freedia
————-  DJ Bunnystyle and Lynne T
special performances by: Raven Hinojosa

2007 lineup

2007 lineup (a partial list! let us know if you played!)

adrienne anemone
joy division cover band
silky shoemaker
little stolen moments
scream club
that damned band
swan island
hello lovers
lynne t (lesbians on ecstasy)